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    I wanted to clean and color this doodle (๑•́ ω •̀๑); 

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  3. navigationandvalidation:

    Not even getting angry about fucking up in school anymore.
    It’s just funny at this point.

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  5. hellabloggin:

    im so pro-selfie like there are so many bigger problems in the world than girls who think theyre pretty

    one of those problems is girls who dont think theyre pretty

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  6. beastlies:

    This big fella is on the postcard, and I showed some progress shots way back when I was painting him, but I figured maybe this would be a good time for some more detailed views of him.  I’ve gotten kind of fond of my little buddy here.

    No surprise, he’s heading for the Dubious Beasts: Symbiosis show in Cannon Beach next weekend.

    (If you want to get a peek at what’s up with the other half of the DB:S show, here’s a nice piece about Shing at WonderCon!)

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    ART: Sky Art Illustrations by Thomas Lamadieu

    Genius French artist Thomas Lamadieu has illustrated a series of scenes in the sky directly onto photographs of urban landscapes.

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  8. thaliabeths:

    the only way us bisexuals are “straight passing” is that we’re passing straight past u and ur shitty opinion bye

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    Ohhh Holland you’re making me think dirty thoughts…

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    Need to make a post of it so here it is

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    asking the tough questions

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    i drew a mouth n nose in pen

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    Better You

    I’ve been living on my own for almost 4 years now and I have like 50 tabs open.

    Bless the person who put together this post, it ought to be made into a pamphlet for everyone in highschool/college.

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